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Jorge Chavez

Outreach Program Coordinator

Jorge is a first-generation Oklahoman. Raised in Oklahoma City, he attended Harding Charter Prep High School and later moved to Stillwater to study Public History at the History Department at Oklahoma State University. He joined the Oklahoma Hall of Fame | Gaylord Pickens Museum team in February of 2022 as the Outreach Program Coordinator and oversees museum all community outreach statewide.

Jorge loves museums and their ability to highlight and elevate stories and people that would otherwise be forgotten. He particularly enjoys finding “hidden gems” in history, which to him, means stories or historical facts that would not traditionally be part of textbooks or museum exhibits.

In his free time, Jorge enjoys spending quality time with his girlfriend Julie and his German Shepard puppy, Dre. During his summer, he enjoys spending his evenings playing sports with his friends and, during the winter, being a couch potato as soon as it gets dark out.