2019 OHOF Teen Board

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board - 2019

Welcome Class of 2019!

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization that preserves Oklahoma’s history and promotes pride in our great state. Through the organization’s various educational programs, events, publishing activities, and at the interactive Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum, the organization tells Oklahoma’s story through its people.

The Teen Board offers students the opportunity to learn more about Oklahomans who have changed the world, while at the same time learn valuable real-world skills that help them develop connections to their communities. Now in its 13th year, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board continues its statewide impact. Students will meet and interact with peers from across Oklahoma, have the opportunity to meet notable Oklahomans, and participate in organization and Museum programming, including the 92nd Oklahoma Hall of Fame Banquet & Induction Ceremony.

The Teen Board is responsible for planning and implementing an annual fundraiser to benefit the education programs of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum's Free Field Trip Program. Each member of the Teen Board will be responsible for attending all meetings, serving on a committee, and participating in fundraising.

The 2019 Teen Board will serve through December 2019. Applications will open in April 2020 for the Teen Board Class of 2020.

“In 2019 the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board will build on the legacy created by the 12 classes of Teen Board Members that came before us and we will work to connect with not only our peers from around the state, but as impactful ambassadors of building pride in our individual communities. This collective effort will result in a better understanding of ourselves and what we can do together as United Oklahomans!”

Tobias Johnson – Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board Chairman

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Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board Fundraising

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame is proud to offer students for all 77 counties across the state the opportunity to visit the Gaylord-Pickens Museum in Oklahoma City for FREE as part of the Free Field Trip program, powered by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Teen Board. Through the annual Teen Board fundraiser we can reach over 5,000 students throughout the state.

Student groups from 5 to 150 can receive free admission to explore the museum, take a guided tour, and also receive a $4.00 per student fuel stipend, or Chick-fil-A sack lunch. This important hands-on opportunity is critical in today's challenging educational environment.

Questions about the program can be directed to Jeff Jacobsen at 405.523.3208 or