Special Exhibits

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Artster Oklahoma

Artster Oklahoma is a collaborative project showcasing artists in Oklahoma.

The term Artster refers to an individual who chooses a culturally rich lifestyle and maintains a great admiration for various forms of art. Informed and typically altruistic by nature, this individual believes in the power of creative appreciation and collaboration as a means to benefit humanity.

Michelle LaVasque and Espanta Steppe set out to find and connect with other Oklahoma artists, artisans, and craftsmen. They craved to learn about talent, the We process, and the human story. Usually, the artists work is on exhibit with only a brief glance at the artists themselves. In this exhibit, the artists are the central focus. They are chronicled at work in their studios through photographs and narratives in the book Artster Oklahoma.

Selected photographs from the book and individual artists’ work will be on exhibit from Feb 21st to May 19th of 2019 in the Tulsa World | Lorton Family gallery located on the third floor.

Makerspace Kris Kanaly

NEW Makerspace Mural by Kristopher Kanaly

Visit our NEW Makerspace today and see an inspirational installation by Oklahoma Artist Kristopher Kanaly!

Kristopher Kanaly is known for his bold, abstract street murals throughout Oklahoma City’s Plaza District and its downtown, but a quick glance reveals much more than that. A rich family history in Oklahoma and the art community, a personal motivation to share the arts, and a love for individual interpretation pushes Kanaly to design murals around the country that continue to bring color to the landscape of the city. No matter the city or assignment, Kanaly’s work is distinguishable by the bright colors, abstract figures, and hidden elements. Much like his street art, Kanaly is an Oklahoma inspiration with a passion as rich as the state’s history.

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