Special Exhibits

Earth to Sky postcard 2020_front.png

Earth to Sky: The Art of Barbara S. Scott & David Holland

On display June 30 – September 10, 2020 in the Tulsa World | Lorton Family Gallery at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum. Join us for an opening reception on Friday, August 28th at 5:00 pm.

This exhibition celebrates two Oklahoma artist friends, Barbara S. Scott and David Holland, who have developed an artistic bond, supporting each other over 30 years of creating art. Barbara’s sculptures, created and carved of tangible organic materials, mainly wood, and speak to the power and beauty of human spirit. David’s colorful and majestic paintings of vast cloudscapes speak to the power and beauty of Oklahoma’s skies.

Visit the virtual exhibit for Earth to Sky.

Makerspace Kris Kanaly

Makerspace Mural by Kristopher Kanaly

Visit our Makerspace today and see an inspirational installation by Oklahoma Artist Kristopher Kanaly!

Kristopher Kanaly is known for his bold, abstract street murals throughout Oklahoma City’s Plaza District and its downtown, but a quick glance reveals much more than that. A rich family history in Oklahoma and the art community, a personal motivation to share the arts, and a love for individual interpretation pushes Kanaly to design murals around the country that continue to bring color to the landscape of the city. No matter the city or assignment, Kanaly’s work is distinguishable by the bright colors, abstract figures, and hidden elements. Much like his street art, Kanaly is an Oklahoma inspiration with a passion as rich as the state’s history.

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