Special Exhibits

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A Sense of Place

On display in the Tulsa World | Lorton Family Gallery April 7 - June 17, featuring art from: Anke Dodson, David Lee Anderson, Irmgard Geul, Mark Lewis, and Michael McDaniel.

This exhibition features the works of five Oklahoma artists exploring ideas of memory, belonging, and the beauty of everyday spaces we live and work in. Familiar architecture and nature make us feel at home – the lobby of your favorite theater, the road you drive to the store, the remnants of an old neighborhood tree, or the lush greenery at the park near your house. The works of these featured artists capture spaces that trigger feelings of nostalgia and our sense of place and belonging here in Oklahoma.

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Edith Kinney Gaylord: The Twentieth Century Through Her Eyes

Edith Kinney Gaylord was a trailblazer in the field of journalism. While she is most widely known for being a member of the Gaylord publishing family, she made a name for herself as the first woman reporter on staff for The Associated Press in Washington, D.C. From Eleanor Roosevelt, World War II, and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, she covered major events and figures of the mid-twentieth century. Gaylord spent much of her wealth philanthropically, supporting women's rights, civil rights, and ethics in journalism. Gaylord embodied a spirit of generosity and curiosity about the world.

This exhibit presents a timeline of Edith Kinney Gaylord's life, focusing on the major events of the mid-twentieth century that she reported. Gaylord's coverage illustrates the immense changes occurring for women in the twentieth century, as they entered into professional fields and leadership roles. As you will learn from the exhibit, Gaylord not only wrote about these changes but embodied them.

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Green Country: From Lenapah to Prague

Green Country is a diverse area of lush, wooded hills, tallgrass prairies, small towns and big cities. Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductees from the 18-county region in northeast Oklahoma have contributed greatly to the state and beyond. This exhibit features the lives of eighteen individuals, inducted between 1930 - 2020, whose accomplishments are celebrated in a variety of fields. They are everyday Oklahomans, some from the smallest of Oklahoma towns, who pushed boundaries, made history, and continue to inspire generations.

This exhibit is a collaborative project by the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and students from the Museum Theory & Practice course at the University of Central Oklahoma.