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OHOF in the Wild provides curated content for children available online for free. The self-paced educational and recreational activities facilitate time spent outdoors and engaging with the natural world around them.

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Earth Day

From Frederick, Oklahoma, William H. “Bill” Crawford always has been dedicated to his community and the natural world that is part of it. In 1970, Crawford returned to Frederick, Oklahoma after serving in the Army National Guard. He was the chairman of the First National Bank...


Spring Time

John T. Nickle possesses a strong emphasis on preserving our natural world. From Muskogee, Oklahoma, Nickle spent his youth working at his father’s retail landscape nursery. Nickle attended Connors State College before transferring to the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Santa...

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Valentine's Day

Judy Love is one of the most philanthropic and involved Oklahoma Hall of Fame Honorees! She has lived her entire life in Oklahoma City and has loved every moment of it. She married Tom Love in 1960 and helped him start Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores just a few years later. Since then,...


Happy Holidays

‘Tis the Season! As we celebrate the Holidays with our families and friends, we need to acknowledge and celebrate Oklahoma’s diverse and varied community. Oklahomans all have their traditions and customs. From Christmas to Kwanzaa to Hanukkah, it is a time to enjoy and spread cheer for all. One...



Thanksgiving is all about appreciating all that we have in our lives: our family, friends and loved ones who are there to support us. Former First Lady Cathy Keating loves Thanksgiving and even considers it her favorite holiday! Cathy Keating has devoted her life to community service and giving...



Originally from Alsace-Lorraine, France, Robert Francis Xavier Gerrer and his family immigrated to Iowa in 1897, but by 1889, they had moved to El Reno, Oklahoma. Gerrer worked at his father’s bakery for a few years. One Christmas Day in 1891, Gerrer met Abbot Thomas Duperou of the Benedictine...


State Fair

A true Oklahoman, Edward Lewis Gaylord was born in 1919 and was a lifelong resident of Oklahoma City. He graduated from the Asheville School for Boys in North Carolina and went on to graduate from Stanford University in 1941. He enlisted in the U.S. Army after just a year at Harvard Business...


Back to School

Born into prominent Oklahoma families in 1889, Dr. Muriel Wright was one of Oklahoma’s early premier educators. She graduated with a teaching degree from East Central University in Ada and even went on to study at Columbia University in New York City. She would go on to serve not only as teacher...


Star Gazing

Time to look up to the sky once again, but this time at NIGHT! According to the Farmer’s Almanac there will be a meteor shower later this week! This Thursday and Friday, July 28-29th, the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower will be taking place! So, in order to prepare, we will be learning about Hall of...


Exploring Nature

Oklahoma today would not be where it is today if were not for Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Paul B. Sears. Sears came to Oklahoma in 1928 when he joined the Oklahoma Biological Survey, a research unit based out of the University of Oklahoma. Sears would go on to study the ecological impact of the...


Building Volcanoes

Do you know what the call the study of Earth and what it is made of? It is Geology and Oklahoma has its very own Father of Geology! Hall of Fame Member Charles N. Gould is known of as Father of Oklahoma Geology! Born in 1868, Charles Gould was an accomplished professor of Geology who made his...


Outdoor Art

EXPRESS YOURSELF! Being true to one’s self is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Staying true to your character and morals is the best way to set your self apart from everyone else. One of the easiest ways to express yourself is through art! Art can be defined as any form of...


Outdoor Aerobics

It is important to enjoy the sunny weather as much as possible this summer! It is also important to remember to be active and keep moving. Let’s learn from Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. Kenneth Cooper who is known as the father of aerobics! He literally created the word. Aerobics are...


Cloud Watching

Do you ever need to take a break on a sunny day? Why not try cloud gazing! Today, we will be exploring the wonderful world of clouds. Imagination is key for this one! All you need to do is look up at the clouds and figure out what you see! It could be a dinosaur, or a truck, or even Patrick from...



One of the easiest things to do during the summer is to sit in your backyard and bird watch! Today, we will be exploring the outside world by observing the birds right outside your home. Birds are part of our everyday lives! People like Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. George Sutton made it his...



It is finally SUMMER! The time of year in which the outdoors is calling our name! One of the first things people start to do when it gets sunny and warm outside is tend to their gardens. Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can plant all sorts of things: flowers, vegetables,...


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