O'Toole, Lela | 1975

  • Birth and Death Year | 1910-1995
  • Induction Year | 1975
  • Profession | Educator
  • Oklahoma Connection | O’Toole was born in Thomas, Oklahoma.
  • Hometown | Stillwater

Fun Fact

Dr. Lela O’Toole was an All-American basketball player while growing up in her hometown.


“[Home economics] should equip the student with the knowledge needed for full participation in our civilization.” - Dr. Lela O’Toole


Oklahoma native and dean emeritus at Oklahoma State University, Lela O’Toole graduated from OSU and studied at state universities in Ohio, Iowa, and Colorado, as well as Columbia University. She became the Dean of Home Economics at Oklahoma State University (1951-1975). She served as president of the American Home Economics Association and was senior vice president of the International Federation of Home Economics. She was appointed to a twelve-member National Advisory Council on Vocational-Technical Education in 1966. She received the Henry G. Bennett Award in 1979.