Korn, Anna Lee Brosius | 1961

  • Birth and Death Year | 1869-1965
  • Induction Year | 1961
  • Profession | Founder/Civic Leader
  • Oklahoma Connection | Korn moved to El Reno, Oklahoma, in 1891 with her husband.
  • Hometown | El Reno

Fun Fact

In 1933, at the sixth anniversary of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, inductees received not only a certificate recognizing their induction, but also a memento of beaded flowers, laboriously beaded by Mrs. Korn herself, during the months prior to the event.


“She has unselfishly devoted these years of her life to worthy causes in civic work and above all, has accomplished much in preserving the history of Oklahoma and in giving statewide recognition to persons whose achievements have been outstanding in various fields of endeavor.” - Oklahoma Governor W. J. Holloway


Anna Lee Brosius was born in Missouri and, at age 22, married Frank N. Korn and moved to El Reno, Oklahoma. She established a remarkable record in club and association activities, organizing several devoted wholly to heritage pursuits. Mrs. Korn was a writer and much of her press and poetry was published. In 1921, the Oklahoma Legislature passed an act authored by Mrs. Korn to establish November 16th as “Oklahoma Day.” Her greatest accomplishment was the creation of the Oklahoma Memorial Association, now the Oklahoma Heritage Association, and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 1927. The express purpose of the latter was to show appreciation and give honor to people who had given outstanding service to Oklahoma during their lifetime. She was on the board of the Oklahoma Heritage Association for over forty years. The Oklahoma Heritage House was opened in the former Hefner Mansion in 1972 and included the offices of the Association and its related collections, artifacts, and research, until the Association opened the Edward L. Gaylord- T. Boone Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum in 2007.