Hunt, Russell F. | 1981

  • Birth and Death Year | 1909-1981
  • Induction Year | 1981
  • Profession | Attorney
  • Oklahoma Connection | Hunt was born in Wagoner, Oklahoma.
  • Hometown | Tulsa

Fun Fact

Russell Hunt became Downtown Tulsa Unlimited’s first “Man of the Year” in 1967 and was inducted into Tulsa’s elite Headliner’s Club in 1973.


“I like people and that is the secret of it. If you like people, you take the time to listen to them and deal with them.” - Russell F. Hunt


Oklahoma native Russell F. Hunt moved to Tulsa with his family at the age of six and graduated from Tulsa’s Central High School in 1917 before attending the University of Oklahoma and later graduating from Cumberland University with a law degree in 1932. He returned to Tulsa that same year to start his law practice where he remained until the start of World War II. He served four years in the Air Force and returned to Tulsa to organize the law firm of Hunt, Bradford, and March and became involved in civic and charitable activities. In 1950, Mr. Hunt joined the First National Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa as Assistant to the President, and later was elected Vice Chairman of the Board, a post which he held until retirement in 1975. Whether it be the community country club, the Episcopal Church he attended, the Tulsa Philharmonic or the Tulsa Psychiatric Foundation, St. John Medical Center, the Tulsa Urban Renewal Authority, or the Air Force Academy, many organizations were benefactors of his time, his talents, and his energies. Sadly, Mr. Hunt died in a Tulsa hospital just minutes before he was to be presented as an inductee to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.