Boggess, Mildred M. Andrews | 1971

  • Birth and Death Year | 1915-1987
  • Induction Year | 1971
  • Profession | Educator/Organist
  • Oklahoma Connection | Boggess was born in Hominy, Oklahoma.
  • Hometown | Norman

Fun Fact

By 1969, Mildred Andrews Boggess had become “the most-quoted teacher and performer on the pipe organ” in the world. She was named Oklahoma’s “Musician of the Year” in 1972.


“Teaching is more than a matter of technique. It is an art. Organ teachers are the guardians of a living tradition. A distinguished teacher should pass his art on to another generation with the tradition enriched and still growing.” - Mildred Andrews Boggess


Mildred Boggess’ career as an outstanding teacher and concert organist began when she graduated from the University of Oklahoma and received her Masters of Music degree from the University of Michigan. She joined the School of Music faculty at the University of Oklahoma in 1938 and was named David Ross Boyd Professor of Music in 1964. She was awarded the “Distinguished Service Citation” in 1967 and was named one of the University of Oklahoma’s “Ten Outstanding Professors” in 1952.