Oklahoma Health Center: A History

By Bob Burke -- $34.95

The Oklahoma Health Center is the unique epicenter of amazing, quality-of-life-changing progress in health care, research, medical education, technology, and community service. On 300 acres south the State Capitol in Oklahoma City, more than $3 billion in capital investment has produced a world-class research and health care complex.

This is the story of the growth and development of the institutions that make up the Oklahoma Health Center—the dream of business leaders to transform an area of blighted neighborhoods and aging public buildings into productive and technologically modern structures in which lives are saved; the tragedy of disease is slowed, if not halted; and cutting-edge research promises a better life for all Oklahomans and for the citizens of the entire world.

The saga of the Oklahoma Health Center is far from complete. Its future is unlimited, building on the work of many men and women who changed the face of scientific research, medical training, and health care in Oklahoma.