Traveling Exhibits

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The Oklahoma Hall of Fame offers 3 traveling pop up exhibits: Pioneer Spirit, Generosity, and Individualism! Each exhibit features Oklahomans with inspiring, unique stories that demonstrate the title characteristic. The exhibits include banners for each individual and travels to schools and community centers statewide so students can experience Oklahoma’s story through these individuals. To learn more about each exhibit and who is featured in them, see below.

Schools can host this exhibit for free and receive accompanying curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students (all shipping charges are covered). Recipient schools receive the exhibit for a one or two week loan period. Accompanying resources are available to further engage students with the exhibit and fulfill Oklahoma Academic Standards.

To request a pop up exhibit for your school, click the button below!

Traveling Exhibit Information

These exhibits travel to elementary, middle, and high schools statewide so students can experience the unique, inspiring stories of these individuals. Recipient schools are provided with resources to further engage their students with the exhibit and help them meet Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Pioneer Spirit Individuals:

  • Shannon Lucid, Astronaut
  • Wiley Post, Aviator/Inventor, Inducted 2004
  • Hannah Allam, Journalist
  • S.E. Hinton, Author
  • Charlie Christian, Musician, Inducted 2018
  • Jim Thorpe, Olympian, Inducted 1950

Generosity Individuals:

  • The Oklahoma Standard
  • John Hope Franklin, Historian, Inducted 1978
  • Kate Barnard, Civic Leader/Public Servant
  • Fern Holland, Civic Leader
  • Jerrie Cobb, Aviator/Civic Leader, Inducted 1976

Individualism Individuals:

  • Ralph Ellison, Author, Inducted 2022
  • Mat Hoffman, Athlete
  • Te Ata, Historian/Storyteller, Inducted 1957
  • Will Rogers, Actor/Civic Leader/Journalist, Inducted 1932
  • The Flaming Lips, Musicians
  • Woody Guthrie, Activist/Singer/Songwriter, Inducted 2006

Contents of Classroom Kit:

  • Links to online resources for students including YouTube links of Pioneer Spirit, Generosity, and Individualism videos
  • Classroom curriculum for the exhibit. Curriculum includes a lesson for each individual in the exhibit. Teachers can determine which lessons best fit their classes. Activities included are based in primary sources and utilize creative, hands-on elements to reinforce lessons.
  • Survey for how OHOF can improve the exhibit