Second Century Board

The Second Century Board is a group of young professionals dedicated to supporting the mission of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame to tell Oklahoma's story through its people.

The Board supports the Oklahoma Hall of Fame by hosting an annual fundraiser -- Oklahoma Born & Brewed, volunteering, and raising awareness of the organization's mission among young professionals. Comprised of advocates dedicated to preserving Oklahoma's heritage for its second century, the Board works to introduce a new generation of Oklahomans to the people who have shaped our heritage as well as those who are currently making history.

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2023 Executive Committee

Travis Weedn - Chair

Nicole Hopkins - Chair-Elect

Veleecia Hearne-McKeever - Vice Chair Board Development

Hannah Huynh - Vice Chair Oklahoma Born & Brewed

Ty Schoenhals - Vice Chair Outreach

2023 Board Members

Janelle Archer

Brandon Bixler

Logon Collins

Caroline Cotton-Linhardt

Addison Dupree

Kendall Dye

Grace Enmeier

Kyle Foster

Taylor Francis

Carol Goodwin

Evan Handy

Tanner Hanstein

Bonnie Hardwick

Mike Hearne

Shane Jemison

Danny Klingaman

Taylor Lingle

Rachal Lisle

Kaitlin Logan Wimmer

Spencer Londagin

Luis Lopez

John Milner

Trent Misak

Devin Newsom

Torie Luster Pennington

Ty Schoenhals

Kristi Spomer

AJ Stegall

Cooper Tate

Dillon Walker

Monique Walker

Joel Wilson

Samantha Wilson

Meredith Woods

Oklahoma Born & Brewed

Oklahoma's premier beer tasting event and fundraiser!

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Interested in Joining the Board? Board applications open each October. New members are notified by December, with board service starting in January.

For more information, contact Andy Melvin at 405.523.3203.