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Oklahoma Hall of Fame Publishing, the organization's publishing arm, has printed more than 170 books celebrating Oklahoma's rich history and heritage, making Oklahoma Hall of Fame Publishing the leader in publishing Oklahoma's history.

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Angie Debo Daughter of the Prairie: With Excerpts From her Childhood Diary

Angie Debo was a child when her parents moved to Marshall, Oklahoma Territory. She arrived in Marshall ten years after the Run of 1889. During her lifetime she was a teacher, curator, pastor, librarian, historian, and author.

Debo wrote about the history of Oklahoma, her hometown of Marshall, and American Indians. She used journals to write down her notes. She researched to be certain her work was factual. She was a leading scholar of American Indian history. She finished writing her last book, Geronimo, at the age of 85. She wrote nine books in all and was the subject of the television documentary Indians, Outlaws, and Angie Debo.

Angie Debo received Oklahoma’s highest honor, induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, in 1950.

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Restoring Order and Giving Hope

The Oklahoma National Guard has a magnificent history, from sacrifices on foreign battlefields to helping Oklahoma neighbors in the aftermath of destructive tornadoes and flooding. But after Hurricane Katrina and massive flooding from breached levees nearly destroyed New Orleans in 2005, the National Guard embarked on its greatest domestic mission. Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and became the worst natural disaster America has seen. Other storms had been deadlier, but none had the impact of Katrina in complexity and human suffering.

The dedication, bravery, and resilience of Oklahoma National Guard troops saved and comforted thousands of New Orleans’ residents. Men and women of the Army and Air National Guard fed and sheltered victims, rescued the stranded, tended to the infirm, directed traffic, guarded important installations, and removed debris. This book is a tribute to those who serve.


Oklahoma's Brown Decision Test Case

It was January 17, 1957, as my father, brothers, friends, and I looked up in anticipation at the federal district courthouse in downtown Oklahoma City. The large, arched, double-glass doors stood proudly waiting for our arrival. Only five months before, we had crossed yellow-brown grass, to another entrance, imposing in a different way: the front door to Earlsboro High School in the town in which we lived. Neither my siblings and I, nor any other black person, had ever been allowed to attend Earlsboro High School. But we went, in the wake of Brown v. Board rulings, hopeful and eager. Previously, Earlsboro school officials had refused to allow other schools’ sports teams on the campus because some of their players were black. We shouldn’t have been surprised when they turned us away, too. What we were about to try to do that gray morning in federal district court would change the course of Earlsboro and Oklahoma history—and my life— forever. This is my story.


Don't Never Be Afraid of Your Horses

Award-winning artist Mike Larsen split his early years between his grandparents’ home in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and a hospital in Luling, Texas. With an absentee father, a single mother working in Dallas, Texas, to make a living for she and her young son, and stricken with Polio, it would have been easy to understand had Larsen decided to simply “give up.”

However, giving up was not in Larsen’s genes, nor those of his family. From a very young age, Larsen was surrounded by those who not only loved and protected him, but also made certain he experienced life’s bumps and disappointments. They fostered his interests and talents, yet allowed him to fail and struggle. They were preparing him for life. The foundation laid by those who raised him, combined with Larsen’s incredible wit, passion for his art, sense of adventure, and intense love for his family and friends, has served him well.

“Don’t never be afraid of your horses,” is a phrase Larsen grew up hearing from his grandfather. It became Larsen’s mantra and, as a result, the perfect title for the collection of stories written in Larsen’s own words. Whether reading from the start or diving in the middle, Don’t Never Be Afraid of Your Horses is like sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation with the artist himself. He will make you laugh and he will make you cry. He will ignite your imagination and strengthen your Faith. Sprinkled with Larsen’s wit and wisdom, Don’t Never Be Afraid of Your Horses is a celebration of both triumph and lessons learned.

Earning & Learning

The Earning & Learning with Oklahoma program highlights Oklahoma’s most treasured resource—our people. Recognized as the leader in publishing Oklahoma’s history, Oklahoma Hall of Fame Publishing is increasing pride in Oklahomans while providing an opportunity for school groups, clubs and organizations to raise much needed funds by celebrating one of their own.

Partnering agencies earn 50% of the retail price of the selected book(s) with no out-of-pocket investment. In many cases, the subject or author of the book is available as a speaker or for a book signing. In addition, the organization provides the materials necessary to make your fundraising event a success.

Top sellers receive passes to the award-winning Oklahoma Hall of Fame at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and a one-year subscription to Oklahoma: Magazine of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Click here for more information, contact Gini Moore Campbell, vice president at 405.523.3202

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