Pioneer Spirit Pop-Up

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The Pioneer Spirit Pop Up Exhibit features six Oklahomans with inspiring, unique stories that demonstrate the Oklahoma Pioneer Spirit! This exhibit includes 7 banners and travels to schools statewide so students can experience Oklahoma's story through these individuals.

The Oklahoma Humanities Council has provided funding so schools can host this exhibit for free and receive accompanying curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students (all shipping charges are covered). Recipient schools receive the exhibit for up to two weeks. Accompanying resources, and a virtual visit from a museum educator, are available to further engage students with the exhibit and fulfill Oklahoma Academic Standards.

For more information and to request the exhibit visit your school, click the button below!

Pioneer Spirit Exhibit Information

Goal: To educate Oklahoma students on the six individuals featured in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Gaylord-Pickens Museum's Pioneer Spirit exhibit. This exhibit travels to middle schools and high schools statewide so students can experience the unique, inspiring stories of these individuals.

Recipient schools are provided with resources to further engage their students with the exhibit and help them meet Oklahoma Academic Standards. The Pioneer Spirit Pop Up Exhibit allows the Museum to take their mission of telling Oklahoma's story through its people to schools and educators that may not be able to visit the Museum on location.


  • Shannon Lucid, Astronaut
  • Wiley Post, Aviator/Inventor, Inducted 2004
  • Hannah Allam, Journalist
  • S.E. Hinton, Author
  • Charlie Christian, Musician, Inducted 2018
  • Jim Thorpe, Olympian, Inducted 1950

Contents of Classroom Kit:

  • Flash drive with all six Pioneer Spirit videos
  • Links to online resources for students including YouTube links of Pioneer Spirit videos
  • Classroom curriculum for the exhibit
    • Elementary curriculum includes a lesson for each individual in the exhibit. Teachers can determine which lessons best fit their classes. Lessons are based on 3rd grade curriculum, but is easily adaptable for grades 1-2 and 4-5. Activities included are based in primary sources and engaging videos.
    • Middle and high school curriculum includes a lesson for each individual in the exhibit so teachers can determine which lessons best fit their classes. Lessons are based on 7th grade curriculum, but are easily adaptable for grades 6 and 8-12. Lessons are based heavily on primary sources and have additional activities (writing, experiment design, etc.) that teachers can elect to include.
  • Survey for how OHOF can improve exhibit

Terms of exhibit loan:

  • Shipping is paid for by OHOF
  • Schools can request a loan for up to two weeks through online form
  • Schools are responsible for damage and will protect exhibit banners
  • Schools will display prominently with both sides accessible to all students (hallways, gyms, libraries, etc.)
  • Schools report any additional events and audiences that experience the exhibit
  • OHOF provides return label; schools must arrange for currier to pick up or for drop off
  • OHOF provides "Classroom Kit" with videos and curriculum

OHOF Staff Visit:

  • Currently OHOF staff cannot visit schools, but is willing to provide a virtual component to interact with specific classes
  • Visit will occur within the loan period
  • When OHOF staff can visit:
    • Will start with metro schools only
    • Staff will attend school assembly to present videos and provide additional information
    • Staff will visit with 3 classrooms to lead discussions and writing exercises to further engage students

Scroll Through the Images Below to View Each Panel

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  • SE Hinton_Front.jpg
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  • Shannon Lucid_Front.jpg
  • Shannon Lucid_Back.jpg
  • Wiley Post-Front.jpg
  • Wiley Post-Back.jpg
  • Charlie Christian_Front_Front.jpg
  • Charlie Christian_Back.jpg
  • Hannah Allam_Front.jpg
  • Hannah Allam_Back.jpg

The Pioneer Spirit Pop-Up is made possible through the generosity of the Oklahoma Humanities Council.