Cloud Watching

Do you ever need to take a break on a sunny day? Why not try cloud gazing! Today, we will be exploring the wonderful world of clouds. Imagination is key for this one! All you need to do is look up at the clouds and figure out what you see! It could be a dinosaur, or a truck, or even Patrick from Spongebob! The possibilities are endless. And who better to accompany us than one of the most well-known weathermen in Oklahoma: Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Gary England! Born in Seiling, Oklahoma, Gary England is one of the most awarded meteorologists, and has even gone to become an international authority on weather. He has helped cover every form of weather from sunny skies to tornadoes, even hurricanes! Gary England graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Mathematics and Meteorology. I bet he could tell you exactly what type of cloud it is just by looking at it! And hopefully after today, so will you!

Supplies! Here are all the materials needed to do today’s activities.

  • 16oz Mason Jar w/ Lid (clear plastic container w/ lid works as well)
  • Hot Water (near boiling, ask a grown up for help)
  • Ice
  • Hair Spray
  • 12x18 Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Cotton Balls
  • Crayons (colored pencils or markers work too)
  • Print outs of the Cloud Booklet (see below)

Watch This! These videos will help you better understand what clouds are and how they impact our weather here in Oklahoma.


Show Time! Join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they explore the various pieces that combine to make weather happen!


Read This! Everything on this earth is connected in one form or another. This book (which is made from clouds!) will explain how. Don’t forget you can also look for this book at your closest public library!

Arts & Crafts! Now that you know all about them, its time to get hands on with clouds!

Use these fun resources and the videos below!

Time to Relax! No matter how busy we get, it is always important to know when to slow down and take a break. Calm activities like Cloud Gazing can give us mental breaks when things get hectic or overwhelming.

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope you enjoyed learning about Gary England and clouds, as well as creating your own clouds! Just goes to show how impactful Oklahomans can be! Be sure to come back next week to learn more about great Oklahomans.

Want to show us your artwork? We love to share here at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame! Please share pictures of your arts & crafts with us at We hope you have a lot of fun and hope to see back here next week!