One of the easiest things to do during the summer is to sit in your backyard and bird watch! Today, we will be exploring the outside world by observing the birds right outside your home. Birds are part of our everyday lives! People like Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. George Sutton made it his purpose to learn and explore the world through the perspective of birds. Starting as a bird curator at Cornell University, Sutton was then hired to become the curator of birds at the Stovall Museum of Science and History (now the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History) in Norman, Oklahoma. Sutton also worked at the Oklahoma City Zoo as their bird curator. He loved to study and observe birds everywhere he went. You can learn more by reading George M. Sutton’s Oklahoma Hall of Game biography.

Supplies! Here are all the materials needed to do today’s activities.

  • Toilet Paper rolls (2 per pair of binoculars)
  • Construction Paper
  • Yarn
  • Crayons (color pencils or markers work too)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Print outs of the Bird Book and Oklahoma State Bird

Arts & Crafts! Birds are all around us, why not keep track of the birds in your back yard! Put together your own binoculars and Bird Book using the videos and resources below!

Once you have your Bird Book ready you can use this resource to learn how to draw birds!


Movie Time! Have you ever heard of Brazil’s Rio Carnival? Rio Carnival is the largest carnival with over 2 million visitors per day. You can experience it by watching Disney’s Rio! You can stream it on Hulu or Disney+.


Storytime! Birds! Birds! Birds! Jump into the world of birds by reading Yuval Zommer’s Big Book of Birds. Don’t forget you can also look for this book at your closest public library!


Field Trip! Why not take a trip down to the OKC Zoo and see these wonderful birds up close?

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope you enjoyed learning about George Sutton and birds, as well as creating your own binoculars and bird books! Just goes to show how impactful Oklahomans can be! Be sure to come back next week to learn more about great Oklahomans.

Want to show us your artwork? We love to share here at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame! Please share pictures of your arts & crafts with us at We hope you have a lot of fun and hope to see back here next week!