Scientist Day - Dr. Gloria Twine Chisum

Today we’re wearing our goggles and lab coats for Scientist Day! Ever wonder what it’s like to be a scientist? Well today we’re going to learn what it takes! Today’s theme is inspired by Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. Gloria Twine Chisum. Her hometown is Muskogee, Oklahoma. Dr. Chisum grew up in Muskogee and went to school to become a research psychologist. She worked for the U.S. Naval Air Development Center and served as a consultant for all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense. Dr. Chisum specialized in vision problems and how to decrease the damage done to pilot’s eyes! You can learn more by reading Dr. Gloria Twine Chisum’s Oklahoma Hall of Fame biography.

Oklahoma has so many cool scientists! Dr. Kenneth Cooper created aerobics, Dr. Philip Kistler changed stroke research, and Dr. Harriet Barclay was known around the world for her accomplishments in botany.


Movie Time! Want to see science in action? We do and that’s why we love Meet the Robinsons! You can rent and stream it now. You can also learn about rainbows in The Magic School Bus: Makes a Rainbow!


Storytime! Scientists can be writers too! Ada Twist, Scientist is a great story of curiosity and fact finding. You can also hear it read aloud! This fun resource has all kinds of information about science too!


Arts & Crafts! Science is all about questions, research, and experimenting right? Well today you can learn about slowing the speed of an object in this parachute making craft! You can also learn about air pressure with a balloon (we recommend doing this one as a family with adults!). And because we love science so much, we wanted to show you bouncy eggs too! Eggs break if you bounce them, right? Or do they… try this fun experiment to find out!

ice cream.jpg

Make & Eat it! Cooking is its own form of science in some ways! You have to follow the instructions of the experiment (a recipe!) to create something new (a yummy snack!). Try this fresh looking strawberry ice cream from Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman!

Listen to it! Do you think song writing could be a science? Listen to these fun songs all about science! These songs were made just for kid scientists.

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope that you have a fun time at home experimenting with science! As always, there’s more to this Oklahoma story, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more for you to explore! Please post pictures of your Scientist Day and share them with us: #ohofathome

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