Planes Day - Clarence Page

Today we’re racing down the runway and hanging out at 36,000 feet! Get ready for departure on Planes Day! Today’s theme is inspired by Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Clarence Page. His hometown is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Page loved flight from early on and saw the first Oklahoma airplane flight in 1910 before learning to fly as an Army pilot in World War I. He then came back to Oklahoma and opened a flight school to train pilots for World War II! After the war, Page established an aircraft business out of Will Rogers World Airport (he later sold the very successful business). In 1980, Page established the Oklahoma Air and Space Museum at Science Museum Oklahoma. You can learn more by reading Clarence Page’s Oklahoma Hall of Fame biography.

Did you know there are a lot of Oklahomans that contributed to the progression of flight? Wiley Post invented the first flight suit, Jerrie Cobb used her skill to help people in other countries and is featured at the Oklahoma Museum of Women Pilots, and Mike Monroney covered Charles Lindbergh’s homecoming from his Paris flight.


Movie Time! We love movies and planes so Planes is the perfect movie for us today! You can rent and stream Planes now. You can also watch this Airport Diary cartoon for more planes.


Storytime! Amazing Airplanes is one of our favorite stories for the whole family! You can hear it read aloud too. Want to learn more about airplanes? Check out this awesome resource!


Arts & Crafts! Want to design your own airplane? You can do just that with a toilet paper roll and popsicle sticks in this airplane craft! You can also make an airplane out of a water bottle (we recommend doing this one with an adult)! We want to see your airplanes! Send us an email with your name and a picture of your plane, and let us know how far it flew, at!


Make & Eat it! We need a tasty treat for our plane rides! Try these chocolate butterscotch caramel bars from Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.

Listen to it! So it’s not a road trip persay, but we do need music for our flight! Check out this Family Road Trip playlist from Spotify. Taking a longer flight? Check out this great playlist that has 24 hours of songs!

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope that you have a fun time at home soaring the skies! As always, there’s more to this Oklahoma story, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more for you to explore! Please post pictures of your Planes Day and share them with us: #ohofathome

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