Going Green Day - Nolen J. Fuqua

Today is Going Green day! This theme was inspired by Earth, and an awesome member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame! Nolen J. Fuqua from Duncan, Oklahoma served in the Army Air Corps during World War I before beginning his career in soil and water conservation education. Fuqua was also involved in his community! He served as a delegate as the organizer of the National Association of Soil Conservation Districts. Fuqua is also a member of the Agricultural Hall of Fame! You can learn more about Nolen Fuqua here.

You can also check out Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member John T. Nickel, who also loved nature!


Movie Time! The Movie WALL-E does a great job at showing how important the Earth’s environment is. This movie is available for rent on Amazon, Disney Plus, and YouTube. If you want to learn more about what we can do to help earth, check out this free educational video!


Story Time! A fun storytime book about Going Green is Miss Fox's Class Goes Green. You can hear the story read aloud here!

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Arts & Crafts! There are so many crafts to do in the spring! Here are a few of our favorites! Try playing nature bingo by reusing an egg carton and having an adventure! Or one of favorites, learn to recycle your older crayons into new ones! We love to see your work! Send pictures and videos to pics@oklahomahof.com!

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Make and Eat it! Springtime brings rain, and with rain we get worms and mud! Well today that inspired our Mud and Worms recipe here! Don’t worry, this recipe is only INSPIRED by Mud and Worms. Check out this recipe to make it!

Listen to it! Check out this link for springtime tunes! This is a fun way for young children to learn about seasons changing and all of the fun things that come with spring. These are great resources to teach older children about season changes. These resources provide ways to explain season changes as well!

Volunteering! Spring brings in several opportunities to volunteer and help out communities! One of our favorite ways of volunteering is helping clean up public spaces. That means picking up trash around your neighborhood, your school, or even a local park you visit! There is no bad time to choose to volunteer and help out others. Follow this link to learn how to be safe while helping out!

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope that you have a fun time at home celebrating our Earth! As always, there’s more to this Oklahoma story, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more for you to explore! Please post pictures of your Going Green Day and share them with us: #ohofathome

We'd love to see the art you make! Share with us by emailing your name and a picture of your project to pics@oklahomahof.com. We can't wait to see your awesome crafts!

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