Farmers Day - John F. Kroutil

Today we’re celebrating something Oklahoma knows lots about: farmers! Our farmers work hard everyday to make sure crops are tended to and people are fed. Today’s theme is inspired by Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member John F. Kroutil! His hometown is Yukon, Oklahoma. Kroutil was born in Czechoslovakia but moved to Oklahoma in the late 1800s. Kroutil and his brother worked on farms around Yukon before becoming a grain buyer. After finding success, Kroutil bought a small flour mill in Yukon and turned it into the largest independent mill in the southwest. They exported Yukon’s Best Flour to every state and some other countries! You can learn more by reading John F. Kroutil’s Oklahoma Hall of Fame biography.

We love supporting farmers and telling their stories. Do you know any farmers? Tell us their story at!


Movie Time! We love movies about animals and one of our favorites happens on a farm! You can rent and stream Babe now! You can also learn more about farms in this fun video.


Storytime! Little Blue Truck tells the story of a farm truck and everything it sees during the day. The whole family will enjoy this fun read aloud! This great resource can also teach us all about farming!


Arts & Crafts! Farmers grow all sorts of things! Some grow corn like this fun Cheerio corn on the cob! Our movie showed that most farms have animals right? Well with this fun craft we can make windsocks of farm animals!


Make & Eat it! What’s your favorite thing to eat that farmers grow? Now we know farmers don’t actually grow doughnuts, but they are responsible for lots of the ingredients in these yummy treats from Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman!

Listen to it! Farmers have long days of tending to crops so we think they probably need a soundtrack for their day. Check out this country playlist from Spotify!

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope that you have a fun time at home learning about farmers! As always, there’s more to this Oklahoma story, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more for you to explore! Please post pictures of your Farmers Day and share them with us: #ohofathome

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