Dog Day - John W. Montgomery

Today we’re celebrating Dogs! We love dogs here at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and they are one of our favorite things to celebrate! Do you have a dog or love to play with dogs?? Well today is just for you!

Today’s theme is inspired by Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member John W. Montgomery. His hometown is Poteau, Oklahoma. Dr. Montgomery served in the United States Army Corps of Engineers during World War II. After his service, he attended Tuskegee Institute and became a veterinarian so he could help animals like dogs! In addition to helping dogs and animals for over 50 years in Poteau, Dr. Montgomery also worked to provide equal opportunities and end segregation by bringing the NAACP to LeFlore County, Oklahoma and other parts of the state. You can learn more by reading John W. Montgomery’s Oklahoma Hall of Fame biography.

So many of us love spending time and playing with dogs. Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Barry Switzer loves dogs so much that he made a new place for search and rescue dogs to train for their hard work.

101 dalmatians_edited.jpg

Movie Time! You can learn more about dogs here. One of our favorite dog movie classics is 101 Dalmatians! You can buy and stream on Amazon now. And who doesn’t love a funny dog video?? Check this one out!

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Storytime! One of our favorite books about dogs is Bark, George by Jules Feiffer. You can watch it read aloud here! We also like this story for older kids about true friendship between a dog and an elephant.


Arts & Crafts! Crafts to celebrate our furry friends? Yes please! You can make a dog with a toilet paper roll, markers, and some paper! If you don’t have googly eyes, draw them in. Your dog will still be the cutest!

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Make & Eat it! Making treats for our dogs is almost as fun as seeing them eat the treats! Here’s a recipe to make homemade treats for your dogs.

Listen to it! Sing-along songs are great for us to sing together or to our dogs. Check out these songs about pets! And of course a classic in Bingo!

Keep learning more of Oklahoma’s Story! We hope that you have a fun time at home celebrating our furry, four-legged friends! As always, there’s more to this Oklahoma story, come back tomorrow and we’ll have more for you to explore! Please post pictures of your Dog Day and share them with us: #ohofathome

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