OHOF Adventures

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Join us in a new learning experience with OHOF Adventures! Each adventure is a fun-filled hour where you can learn all there is to know about Oklahomans in each field! Our instructors are ready to guide us through the experience as we navigate the impact of Oklahomans in all of these fields.

OHOF Adventures are offered virtually through Zoom. Each class is live and conducted by OHOF staff. Use the below link to register individuals, or for a classroom experience. Classroom experiences can be scheduled with OHOF educators no less than two weeks in advance. OHOF Adventures for individuals are offered every Tuesday at 2:00 pm!

For the best experience, we recommend that you join with a computer. A microphone and camera are not required. We will be utilizing the chat feature for questions. Classes are geared for ages 8-12, but may be enjoyed by younger or older students.

If you have any questions, please contact Emma Leach at ef@oklahomahof.com or call 405.523.3211.


Does the history of space travel interest you? You are certainly in the right place! Oklahoma is the only state with an astronaut involved in every stage of space flight helping establish its role in the field. Strap yourself into your rocket as we share the story of how Oklahomans played an important role in putting the first man on the moon, and the fun they had while doing it!


What do visual, performing, and music all have in common? Art! In this class, you will learn about visual arts, performing arts, and music as different forms of art and the elements of each. Through examples from the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and talented Oklahoma artists of all different mediums, you will see how art can influence individuals and provide an outlet for creativity.


Join us as we navigate the natural world in a lesson about Oklahoma scientists! With a focus on biology, you will learn how physiology, meteorology, and zoology influences our daily lives and about the masterminds behind the science. This fun class takes us on a trip from bats to tornadoes and how Oklahoma scientists have studied it all!


As aviation and flying became more mainstream in the early twentieth century with pilots like Wiley Post, Oklahoma’s pilots were at the forefront of many industry defining moments like the invention of auto-pilot, the creation of the Air Force as its own military branch, the first successful attempt at breaking the speed of sound, and many more. This class shows the long-term success Oklahomans have maintained in aviation since the first flight in 1903 up to today.


With a focus on fine arts, this class is a great opportunity to express yourself! Join us as we learn a brief history of acting and all about the different types of acting. Oklahomans will continue to surprise you with their hidden talents in voice acting, theater, and so much more!


The Skydance Bridge, airplanes, and traffic lights are all part of Oklahoma’s engineering history! In this class you will learn the basics of engineering and how it affects the world around us. So many things in our world are a result of engineering, and, more specifically, from an Oklahoma engineer!

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The History of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, formerly the Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company, tells the story of architecture and entrepreneurship in the late 1920s Oklahoma. Students will learn about the creative ideas that took place when building the Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company. By understanding the history of the building, students will understand the significance it had on Oklahoma’s history and its beginnings as a state.