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Nominations for the 2023 Class are currently closed, but you can still submit nominations for the Class of 2024.

Nominations Guidelines

To be eligible for nomination, the individual must:

  • Reside in Oklahoma or be a former resident of the State of Oklahoma.
  • Have performed outstanding service to humanity, the State of Oklahoma and the United States.
  • Have brought honor or distinction to the State of Oklahoma through their efforts and contributions.

Anyone can make a nomination to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and nominees may be either living or deceased.

To submit a nomination for a living or posthumous person, please use the PDF form linked below. You may fill out the PDF, or create a Word document with the same information.

If you have submitted a nomination in the last three years, but need to submit additional honors and contributions, please use the following form and only update where necessary.


Important Dates

  • Class of 2023 Media Class Announcement: Thursday, May 25.
  • 96th Annual Oklahoma Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Thursday, November 16.
  • Nominations for the 2023 Class are due by March 1.

Visit our archives to view all members of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.