Lee Allan Smith OKLAHOMA LEGACY Award

Each year, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame honors an individual who has ambitiously demonstrated volunteer and civic efforts that grow pride in their community; are well known for engaging the community in their efforts; and have created a legacy of pride for future generations with the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award.

The 2019 recipient, Meg Salyer, was presented the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum, in conjunction with the presentation of scholarships from the Oklahoma Scholarship Competition.

2020 Dates

  • NOMINATIONS OPEN: Thursday, January 2nd
  • NOMINATIONS DEADLINE: Friday, March 13th
  • RECEPTION & PRESENTATION: Thursday, April 30th
Meg Salyer Headshot.jpg

2019 Meg Salyer

Oklahoma City


2018 Edie Roodman

Oklahoma City

John M. Chip Fudge.jpg

2017 John M. "Chip" Fudge

Oklahoma City


2016 Jan Peery

Oklahoma City

Hampton, Debby.jpg

2015 Debby Hampton

Oklahoma City

Watkins, Kari.jpg

2014 Kari Watkins

Oklahoma City

Everest, Tricia.jpg

2013 Tricia Everest

Oklahoma City

Massad, Paul.jpg

2012 Paul Massad


Thrash, Bill.jpg

2011 Bill Thrash

Oklahoma City

Burke, Bob.jpg

2010 Bob Burke

Oklahoma City

For more information about the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award, contact Gini Moore Campbell at 405.523.3202 or