Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award

Each year, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame honors an individual who has ambitiously demonstrated volunteer and civic efforts that grow pride in their community; are well known for engaging the community in their efforts; and have created a legacy of pride for future generations with the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award.

Due to COVID-19, a formal presentation and celebration of the 2020 and 2021 recipients will occur in 2021 at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum. Reception and presentation date TBD.

J Blake Wade.jpg

2020 | J. Blake Wade

Oklahoma City

Meg Salyer Headshot.jpg

2019 | Meg Salyer

Oklahoma City


2018 | Edie Roodman

Oklahoma City

John M. Chip Fudge.jpg

2017 | John M. "Chip" Fudge

Oklahoma City


2016 | Jan Peery

Oklahoma City

Hampton, Debby.jpg

2015 | Debby Hampton

Oklahoma City

Watkins, Kari.jpg

2014 | Kari Watkins

Oklahoma City

Everest, Tricia.jpg

2013 | Tricia Everest

Oklahoma City

Massad, Paul.jpg

2012 | Paul Massad


Thrash, Bill.jpg

2011 | Bill Thrash

Oklahoma City

Burke, Bob.jpg

2010 | Bob Burke

Oklahoma City

For more information about the Lee Allan Smith Oklahoma Legacy Award, contact Gini Moore Campbell, vice president, at 405.523.3202.