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Nature Hike & S'mores

This one is for the whole family so make sure everyone is on board!

What's better than a hike and a snack? Not much if you ask us! Grab those boots or tennis shoes and embark on your next adventure! You can use this resource to find the perfect trail for you. We also recommend going on a hike through your neighborhood or a close by park to find leaves, pinecones, and more for other fun activities!

That hike is bound to make you hungry and we have the perfect solution! When you get home, grab some graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows because it's time for s'mores! Below you'll find the steps for this delicious snack:

  • break your graham cracker in half and lay a piece of chocolate on one side
  • put your marshmallow on a stick
  • with the help of a grownup roast your marshmallow until it's browned all over
  • put the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and use the second graham cracker to "smush" it all together