Discovery Days

Virtual Free Family fun with the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

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Register now for Discovery Days! Join educators from the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, home of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, each Thursday, 10:30 am - 11:30 am, as we virtually learn more about Oklahoma's Story through its People. Beginning in June, Discovery Days moves to Tuesdays at 10:30 am! Join us via Zoom for an exciting virtual story time, followed by the creation of a simple craft inspired by the book, and culminating with participating children sharing toys, art, or items during show and tell.

Discovery Days are family-friendly and recommended for ages 3-7. This program is free and you can pick up a complimentary craft kit containing all the supplies needed each month from the Museum.

To experience Discovery Days, register here. You will receive detailed information via email, including a link to the Zoom conference, details about the program, and notification of craft kit pick up times.

Check out the craft and story time video for each Discovery Day below!

May 6 2021.png

May 6

Today we're all about the great outdoors and the creatures that call it home! First we learn all about zoologist and Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. Cluff Hopla before jumping Into the Outdoors, a funny story about a family camping trip. Next we'll make foxes out of paper plates, tissue paper, and a few other fun supplies!

april 29 2021.png

April 29

Today we learn all about giving back and lending a helping hand! Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Edith Kinney Gaylord and read a fun story about The Spiffiest Giant in Town! After that we'll make crafts centered on helping each other out when we can.

april 22 2021.png

April 22

Join us as we munch our way through The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then make crafts modeled after our story (including a snake for our new friends)! We'll also learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Paul Sears and his commitment to ecology.

april 15 2021.png

April 15

Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member J.B. Perky and his commitment to Oklahoma's land! We'll then hear all about a butterflies life in Waiting for Wings before making our own butterflies!

April 8 2021.png

April 8

Today we learn the importance of giving back to our communities and how we all play a role! First we learn from the great example Dannie Bea Hightower before jumping Around the Table That Grandad Built, a fun story about family who works together. And of course our day wouldn't be complete without craft time!

april 1 2021.png

April 1

Join us as we hear about an adventurous chicken with a mission to get to space! We'll then make our own chickens, with wings and all! We'll also learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Mo Anderson and her inspiring story.

March 25 2021.png

March 25

Artists and dragons? We're in! Learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Ed Ruscha and his unique use of materials. Then we enter the world of dragons going to school and making dragons that breathe fire!

March 18 2021.png

March 18

Join us as we learn about some of our smallest creatures! Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. Cluff Hopla was a zoologist and he fits right in with our Spring themed day. We'll read a fun story about a unique baker and her friends in The Tiny Baker before making a fun lady bug craft!

March 11 2021.png

March 11

What's one thing Oklahoma is definitely known for? Crazy weather! Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member and notable meteorologist Gary England. Then we'll read an adventurous tale of a truck and a toad helping their friends through a storm before making rainbow clouds!

March 4 2021.png

March 4

Today we embrace the warmth and celebrate Spring! First we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member William Crawford who has worked so hard to preserve Oklahoma's beauty and use it's resources to provide for communities. We then hear about the unlikely pair of a bear and mole as Spring arrives in Spring is Here! before making a bunny themed craft.

February 25 2021.png

February 25

Join us as we cross our fingers and hope for spring to stay! We'll learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Harriet Barclay and what a botanist is! Then we read Welcome Back Spring and make our own flowers out of some curious household supplies.

February 18 2021.png

February 18

Today we learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Martha Burger and her commitment to our furry friends. Sticking with a certain animal (hint: it has small spikes) we'll be reading Buddy and Earl Go Exploring and making a fun craft based on our story with paper plates, some glue, and brown paper.

February 11 2021.png

February 11

Join us we learn about an exciting world under the sea with Peanut Butter and Jellyfish and their adventure to save a friend. We'll also learn all about Sam Noble and his commitment to Oklahoma communities before making our own jellyfish crafts!

February 4 2021.png

February 4

Join us as we visit the Wild West! We'll learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Gordon W. Lillie and the cowboy way of life in Cowboy Small. Then we'll make our own cacti with a funny connection to our story.

January 28 2021.png

January 28

Today we're all about animals- especially turtles! Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Dr. John W. Montgomery. Then we'll read Toby by Oklahoma author Stacy Nyikos before making turtles out of paper plates and a few other supplies!

January 21 2021.png

January 21

Join us as we fly away to learn all about Oklahoma Aviator and Hall of Fame Member Wiley Post! We'll read Away in my Airplane and make our own planes too!

January 14 2021.png

January 14

Join us for a day filled with cold weather animals as we make our own penguins playing in snow and the Iditarod sled dogs! We also will learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member and sculptor Joseph Richard Taylor.

January 7 2021.png

January 7

Join us as we visit the Olympics learning about two-time Gold Medalist Bart Conner and the story of Snowman Paul at the Olympics! After story time, we'll be making our own snowman crafts!

December 31.png

December 31

Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member and Rancher Zack Miller and read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! We aren't sure that this is actually how the story of The Three Little Pigs went, but it did inspire a fun pig themed craft for us!

December 17.png

December 17

Join us as we ring in the Holiday Season! We'll read The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma and learn all about Oklahoma traditions. Then we'll make Christmas trees out of popsicle sticks!

December 10.png

December 10

Today we explore the world at night as owls! Well not really, but we're going to learn about artist Willard Stone and his connection to owls. Then we'll read Wow! Said the Owl followed by making our own owls!

December 3.png

December 3

Join us as we sing the blues! Well not really, but the frog we're reading about will. We'll be reading Froggy Bottom Blues, making a fun frog craft, and learning all about Linda Twine!

November 19.png

November 19

Join us as we celebrate all things fall! Learn what we are thankful for and jump right in (the pile of leaves) with Let it Fall and make our own Thanksgiving turkeys!

November 12.png

November 12

Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member and conservator John T. Nickel before experiencing The Great Outdoors! Following this we'll make our own raccoons.

November 5.png

November 5

Join us as we learn about Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Herman Meinders and all things pumpkin! We find out what happened to all of the pumpkins in The Pumpkin Mystery and then make our own pumpkin craft that doubles as a sun catcher.

oct 22.png

October 22

Join us as we learn all about football legend and Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member Lee Roy Selmon! We’ll also learn the importance of working hard and being honest in Austin Plays Fair before make our own footballs using only construction paper, yarn, and cotton balls!

oct 15.png

October 15

Join us on a fall filled day as we learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Paul Sears and read We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt! This fun fall book leads us right into a great craft: making our own fall wreaths!

oct 8.png

October 8

It’s time to head out west and learn all about Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Harold Holden, a sculptor who creates what he loves most: the cowboy way of life. Oklahoma author Tammi Sauer teaches us about finding our courage and using our talents in Cowboy Camp and we’ll make our own cowboy hats to boot!

oct 1.png

October 1

Singing, acting, and dancing, what more could we want? Read along as we read Born on Broadway! and learn the importance of working hard to achieve our dreams. Then join us in making our Lion King mask inspired by Oklahoma Hall of Fame member Alfre Woodard’s role in the newest rendition of this classic.


September 24

Join us today as we learn about Commander John Herrington! We’ll be reading Oklahoma author Tammi Sauer’s Your Alien followed by a fun space-themed session of arts and crafts.


September 17

Follow along as we read Oklahoma author Stacy’s Nyikos’s Waggers! This awesome story about a dog with a crazy tail inspires our craft of making your own dog! You can also learn more about Coach Barry Switzer, who works to help train rescue dogs


September 10

Join us in reading Me Want Pet from Oklahoma author, Tammi Sauer! Be sure to have your scissors handy to trim its hair after making your own woolly mammoth just like in our story.


September 3

What Do You Do With an Idea? Find out with us as we read the story about letting new ideas take route and change us. Then join us in designing our own rainbow sculptures inspired by artists David Holland and Barbara Scott!



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