Will Rogers: Oklahoma’s Favorite Son

By Darleen Bailey Beard -- $9.95

Will Rogers was a man like no other. Shy and humble, he grew up on a cattle ranch near Oologah, Oklahoma. At an early age, he learned how to ride a horse and throw a lariat, and eventually he became one of the most famous lariat artists of all times performing on stages all over the world. When he added humor to his performances by joking about world politics, government leaders, and even presidents, his audiences loved it.

Along with being a lariat artist and an American humorist, he became an international star, the highest paid actor of his time, the highest paid radio host of his time, an author, and a caring humanitarian who traveled the world helping people in times of need. He truly had a heart of gold and the entire world loved him. So how did this shy, high school dropout attain such worldwide stardom and love? Welcome to the world of Will Rogers.