The Writings that Shaped Oklahoma

By Bob Burke -- $19.95 (Paperback)

Oklahoma’s exciting history truly has been shaped by pen and paper. From the day in 1803 when the French passed title to the heartland of America to the young United States, Oklahoma’s future was determined by the millions of words contained in treaties with American Indians, congressional acts, and presidential declarations.

The evolution of the future 46th state can be traced by reviewing writings that transferred the land from, what one early explorer called, “The Great American Desert,” to Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory, and eventually to the State of Oklahoma.

In addition to the writings of government and tribal leaders, Oklahoma’s poets, songwriters, and storytellers have shaped our image as perceived by the rest of the world. The writings of Oklahomans have inspired generations of Americans in book and song.

This volume is an excellent resource in the study of Oklahoma’s past and a recipe for making our future even greater.