The Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club: The First Century

By Bob Burke -- $39.95

The Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club always has been a focal point of the community and a home to its leaders. The untold stories of how our members shaped the future of our state from within the walls of our Club may have to be left to the imagination, but be assured that they exist.

The Club has enjoyed great success in many respects and its members have been the beneficiaries. The underlying reason for the Club’s success and the key to its prominence has been its staff. Our staff has a long history of dedication and loyalty which has transcended the generations. In the past half century we have had five general managers and since our beginning, a century ago, we have had twelve golf professionals and six greens’ superintendents. This is all testimony to the devotion and faithfulness of our staff and management.

Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club also has enjoyed a faithful and loyal membership who has supported the staff and management. From that membership has come numerous leaders who have deftly guided the Club through good and hard times and while doing so have enabled the Club to become preeminent among its peers. The founders would be proud of what the Club has become and to see how their dream has lived on.