Robert S. Kerr, Jr.: Mr. Water

By Ronn Cupp and Bob Burke -- $26.95

In the shadow of his larger-than-life father, Robert S. Kerr, Jr. was determined to make his own mark on the history of his beloved Oklahoma. For decades, Bob was known as “Mr. Water,” leading the fight for federal and state approval of water development. He took his battle to meetings in high school auditoriums, public forums, civic clubs, and anywhere that Oklahomans would listen to his passionate plea for developing a fair and comprehensive plan to conserve and use Oklahoma water.

Bob believed that Oklahoma’s greatest natural asset was water, not oil, gas, or coal. He recognized that generally no matter where one lives in Oklahoma, he either has too little or too much water. This is the story of Bob’s lifelong quest to assure every Oklahoman an adequate water supply and protection from the ravages of flood-swollen rivers and streams.