Leona Mitchell: Opera Star

By Gwendolyn Hooks -- $9.95

Leona Mitchell was a regular little girl growing up in Enid, Oklahoma, except that she sang in the church choir at the age of 4, performed soloes at the age of 8, and directed the choir at the age of 14. She always thought she was a good singer, even when her brothers teased her that she could not sing.

When Leona sang for the first time in her high school choir class, she began to realize her voice might be something special. With the help of Mrs. Priebe, the choir director, Leona stepped into the world of opera. She went from a good singer to an opera star, traveling the world, sprinkling her sparkle on audiences everywhere, including the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.

Readers will delight in Leona Mitchell’s story as they follow her from Enid to the stars.