Law & Laughter: The Life of Lee West

By Bob Burke and David L. Russell -- $24.95

Lee West made several thousand friends during his 40+ years of public service as a law teacher, state court judge, member of the Civil Aeronautics Board, federal judge, and breeder and trainer of national champion bird dogs.

He was a legend who everyone loved and respected—even if they totally disagreed with him on politics or some other controversial issue. He had the uncanny wit to be able to have the deepest and most contrite conversation and leave everyone laughing—still friends. West’s major contribution to Oklahoma and the nation may be his teaching that life is supposed to be fun. It’s not just OK to have fun—it’s required. Many say West’s most endearing trait was to teach those with whom he dealt how to be a good friend.

This is the sometimes hilarious story of a product of poverty who became an outstanding student, lawyer, teacher, presidential appointee, international sportsman, and award-winning judge. It also is the true story of how to enjoy life and friends.