Broken Bow’s Black Communities and Dunbar High School: A Glimpse into the Past from a Black Perspective

By Dr. Sidney Carter -- $19.95

Broken Bow’s Black Communities and Dunbar High School chronicles Broken Bow’s early history and incorporation as a city. Early history, family life, leisure time, the black communities, and their citizens are characterized. Black churches, Dunbar School, successful Dunbar graduates, and athletic programs also are narrated. This book is filled with facts and stories many black citizens of Broken Bow experienced over the years, but may have long since forgotten.

Although small sections of the book may appear condemning of the segregated environment that existed early on in Broken Bow, as you read the you will see the tremendous love he author has for his hometown, its history, and its citizens. His desire was that the many memories and experiences shared be preserved as a legacy for future generations.