You Sure Put the Wacky in Wacky Wednesday!

What a Wacky Wednesday we've had at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame! Thank you for wearing your most WACKY outfits, crazy socks and funny shirts! We are so glad you enjoyed special guest Kris Kanaly, OKC's own local artist, muralist, and rapper, who gave a colorful reading of Dr. Suess' "Wacky Wednesday" and lead a Plaza Walls inspired craft.

The Holy Kids joined in on the fun and inspired adults and kids alike to create their own mural art on butcher paper that will be hung around the museum! We watched Horton Hears a Who, planted our own flowers to take home, and put together cheerio birdfeeders! Whew, we're tired just talking about it.

See you tomorrow, where the fun continues with Green Thumb Day!

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See some Wacky art pictures here!