We Wish Every Day Was Pajama Day!

Today we kicked off Fall Ya’ll and it was fantastic! Wasn’t it fun to wear your PJs to the Museum today? I saw so many cool PJs: Star Wars, Dia de los Muertos, Mine Craft, Mario Bros, princesses, and more! You looked so comfy and happy. We’ll have to do this theme again!

Did you enjoy Mr. Jeff’s reading of the Pajama Llama book? I thought it was fun that he wore his PJs and sleep mask too! Did you pick up a sleep mask to match your pajamas? Did you watch Peter Pan? That’s one of my favorite movies—they stay in their PJs all day!

The teddy bear that you made in crafts today was really good! I liked how everyone made their bears: some were dark and some were light, some were fuzzy and some were smooth—a few were even abstract, and I’m pretty sure one was a werewolf. Just like everyone’s PJs, everyone’s bears were all different, but they were all awesome!

Thank you so much for coming out and celebrating autumn with us. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for Hollywood Day!

Check out the Naptime Fun Below!