We Picked and We Grinned!

Today, Lucas Ross from the American Banjo museum played some amazing songs on his banjo! I really like the one called My Dog is a Ninja; I could tell that you also like it because of your big smiles and your giggles. I enjoyed hearing the music you were playing on your little harmonica. Maybe, next time, you can play a song with Lucas!

The mask you made with Patrick Riley was amazing! I loved all the jewels and pompoms that you added to it. It was the most glittery, poufy, colorful blue-grass mask I’ve ever seen! When you put it on, you looked like a superhero! A bluegrass superhero—that’s even more fun than a ninja dog!

Hearing a banjo and bluegrass music always makes me feel at home. It’s as Oklahoma to me as waving wheat or the wind whipping down the plains. What makes you feel at home? What feels like Oklahoma to you?

We really enjoy sharing Oklahoma’s stories, people, and traditions with you. Thanks for being part of our family here at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, the Official Museum of Free Family Fun! Even though school is starting for some, the fun is continuing here every Thursday until Labor Day. Don’t miss Home Run Day next Thursday with the Oklahoma City Dodgers!

View the strummin and funnin here!