The Grass is Always Greener… in Oklahoma!

The Second Century Board had the honor of hosting Gary England to present on his life, his career and Oklahoma weather. England has made many contributions to Oklahoma and beyond through his innovations in weather technology, many severe weather broadcasts, and of course his appearance in the movie Twister.

After growing up in Seiling, OK, England joined the Navy but after his time serving was happy to return to his home state to attend college at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, he spent a short stint of his career in New Orleans but again couldn’t wait to get back home, “the grass is always greener in… Oklahoma” said England.

When asked about memorable TV moments England had lots of stories but said “the things that make you grow in TV and help the viewers connect are often just the real moments that happen by accident.” When asked about his developments in weather technology and what motivated him he said “I started everyday asking myself how can we make things better? How can we save lives?” Great advice from a dedicated and passionate Oklahoman.

Second Century Board is a group young professionals dedicated to preserving Oklahoma’s heritage for its second century. We do this by supporting the Oklahoma Hall of Fame through an annual fundraiser, Born and Brewed, volunteering and raising awareness of the organization’s mission to tell Oklahoma’s story through its people. The Community Outreach Committee hosts events like the Gary England presentation which introduce a new generation to the Oklahomans who have shaped our heritage as well as those who are currently making history in our great state.

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View the photo album of our evening with Gary England

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