T-Rex on the Loose in the Corn Maze!

Did you see the T Rex in the Museum today? I saw it dancing on the second floor, delivering mail in the lobby, showing off its teeth during arts and crafts, running through the corn maze, and stealing hugs wherever it went! I think it was excited that you voted it your favorite dinosaur.

It looked to me like you were pretty excited too! I hope you enjoyed snuggling up in the theater to watch “Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” Did you grab some popcorn? I saw that you discovered the prize in the corn maze—good job finding your way out! That dinosaur tail headband you made was amazing! You sure had on an awesome dinosaur shirt! Who put the roar in dinosaur? You did! Good job roaring during the story time with Greg Elliot!

I love that you came and spent your fall break with us at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, home of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. We’ve been getting great feedback from you all on our evaluations and it means so much to us to know that you’re making memories with your family, feeling pride in your state, and connecting with your community while you’re here at the Museum. Thanks for being part of our Museum family. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Dance Day!

Nothing prehistoric about the fun today!