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Stories Across Our State

Oh the places we'll go! Where to begin with Stories Across Our State? How about Tishomingo, with a jaunt through Coalgate, Atoka, Heavener, Stigler, Wilburton, Antlers, and Hugo. And don’t forget Hollis out west! What a great program this has been this year! We met wonderful people throughout these towns and experienced so many wonderful stories and activities.

Stories Across Our State is a free program designed to get kids excited about literacy and teach them about our state's history and heritage. Thanks to the Carolyn Watson Rural Oklahoma Community Foundation we were able to meet 230 wonderful people in 9 different towns. Each librarian helped us coordinate and reach as many people as possible with this program. We spent time talking with visitors and exploring the towns we were in. Because of this program, we were also able to give a copy of Jane McKellips’s Dust Storm to each child that attended the program!

Travelling with us was Christopher Nick, the illustrator of Dust Storm! At each location, Christopher did a presentation for the visitors that went over his process as an illustrator, different images and products he has designed, and, of course, Dust Storm! Christopher was great at getting the kids engaged by asking them questions and dressing them up as examples. The visitors loved listening to him tell of his processes and being left a cliff hanger on the book (you have to read it yourself!).

A new feature this year is that we were able to send a copy of each book from our children’s collection to the libraries we visited. Each library received copies of 9 books for their libraries as a thank you. We are so grateful that these librarians, and their visitors, allowed us to come in and share our program with them! Each town we visited was one for the books and we can’t wait to visit again!

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