Showtime at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame!

Wow—so many soon-to-be stars walked the red carpet at the Museum today! You were so glam in those star sunglasses! I hope that you enjoyed making an Oklahoma Hall of Fame star craft with Lauren. I liked seeing so many different stars—striped, polka-dots, and abstract; some even had eyes!

Did you like watching the movie Sing in the theater today? It was so much fun pretending we were in Hollywood and watching a movie on the big screen. Reading the story about Buttons was fun with Ms. Bethany. What was your favorite part?

My favorite part of today is imagining all you kiddos all grown up, huge stars to your family and friends, making your impact on our community in big and small ways.

Thank you for spending your fall break with us. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Dinosaur Day!

Check out the Star-Studded Fun Below!