Rawr like a Dinosaur!

Have you ever ridden a dinosaur? I know that is a strange question to ask someone….but have you ever ridden a dinosaur? I have. And it was awesome. Today’s Summer Thursday’s theme was Dinosaur Day and it was legendary! Straight up pre-historic! I got to interview a special T-Rex and we learned that they can’t touch their toes.

We had over 250 guests exploring the Jungle…I mean Museum! First, we read “Me Want Pet” by Oklahoma author Tammi Sauer. We had a very special guest reader today, Oklahoma Hall of Fame Member class of 2013, Reggie Whitten! Mr. Whitten even brought fossils with him today! Next, we created stegosaurus headbands with teacher artist Al Bostick.

The last activity of the day was planting dinosaur food (carrot seeds) into ice cream cones with our friend Cody Yount with the OSU OKC Farmer’s Market! We could not have greeted so many faces today without the help of our volunteers from Ascent! Thank you guys! We had a full day and can’t wait for next week’s Summer Thursday! Come back and see us!

Scroll through all the great pictures of Dinosaur Day below!

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