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There’s nothing quite like rounding out another Oklahoma summer with local brew, good eats, music, and 400 of your greatest friends. Yes, it may sound like an evening at one of your favorite spots. But no! The Second Century Board, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, just wrapped our 4th annual Born & Brewed event on Friday, August 17th.

This evening has, for the past two years, been a highlight of my summer. And, if you attended, I hope you felt the same. For me, I find that returning to work on Mondays and working alongside a younger crowd, I always feel a little more “hip” in my content in contribute to the routine “water cooler” chat! Why? Allow me to share.

1. Local. Craft. Brew. This year we had over 15 breweries share their love for craft beer. Not only are they providing samples of some of their favorites from their shop, they are providing the science and methodology for how they came to this particular taste, what it means when they say “sour,” and why passion makes a great brew! I’m not what you would call a “beer enthusiast,” but I always leave with some fabulous beer fun facts.

2. The People. Oklahoma is so cool. I mean, so cool. And, we have many incredible entrepreneurs, educators, business owners, designers, architects and so many more that make it so. The beauty of Born and Brewed is that it breaks the ice, so to say, for you to, in fact, meet these cool people, just like you. To top off making new friends, you may just have walked away with one of local area 90 gift cards you and your new friends could partake in throughout OKC! I mean, come on.

3. A Great Cause. What truly makes this event special is the cause? The Oklahoma Hall of Fame does a beautiful job curating our state’s history and the people who make history. Furthermore, what good is having this place if it can’t be shared? The Second Century Board hosts Born and Brewed to ensure not only good times are had but that the museum can stay free for K-12 groups to visit. As an employee of higher education, this means a great deal.

So, needing to spice up what you bring to the convo table on Mondays at work? The Second Century Board is happy to help and we hope to see you next year at Born & Brewed!

Click HERE to see all the photos from this year’s event. Go ahead and give the Oklahoma Hall of Fame a follow so that you’ll be in-the-know when tickets go on sale next year!