It's A Dog's Life!

Today we met the sweetest dogs in OKC! We had so much fun with Hank, Dixie, Charley, Elle, and Mona! These service and therapy dogs from H.A.L.O. (Human Animal Link of Oklahoma) help people all over the area when they are in the hospital, or need some love only dogs can give. They are very sweet and it seems like they really like to be petted!

We all barked and howled our way through the rest of Dog Day! We learned about May the Iditarod Dog and even made our own dog puppets! We relaxed in the theater with Air Bud and then planted a flower and made a bird feeder out of Cheerios! Tomorrow we are going to bring a can of food to support the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and take home a copy of Will Rogers: Our American Legend! Our special guest re will be Cathy and Frank Keating, who are both Members of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame!

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