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Giving Tuesday at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Throughout my years in high school, I have had many defining moments and realizations. The most impactful being when I began to understand my role in serving others. Helping others is a key characteristic in many great Oklahomans. Having both my mother and father working in medicine and law enforcement, I have always known what it means to serve. However, it was only when I began to volunteer and help other people that I truly understood the impact service has on my life.

Whether it be through volunteering around the community, or committing to service after graduation, I have learned how much seemingly simple acts of service can affect people. For example, something as simple as assisting an elderly person rearrange their home, had a very positive affect on both of our lives.

As I am approaching graduation in May, time seems to be slowing down as I look forward to the future. I look at those around me and feel great pride remembering all the people who have made an impression on me, over the years. Only now, can I truly grasp how the decisions I have made and the people I have chosen to be around have helped shape who I am today.

The path I have chosen has been challenging at times, but I feel confident that I will realize my goals and make a positive impact on the people in my life. I have been very fortunate to have amazing friends who are on similar paths. We actually use each other to propel ourselves to higher levels. I feel great pride in being a part of such a dynamic group of friends, whom are all Oklahomans.

Personally, seeing my fellow Oklahomans with leadership backgrounds applying for college gives me an internal sense of pride that not many can say they have. I know that as we all move on, Oklahoma’s impact will only grow stronger. Our views, selflessness, and service will continue to have an even larger outreach. I look toward the future with eager excitement, and I find peace in knowing that my Oklahoma roots will always run deep.

On this Giving Tuesday, we thank you for supporting the Oklahoma Hall of Fame's Teen Board in preserving and promoting pride in Oklahoma's greatest asset, its people. Your support gives students across this great state an opportunity to visit the museum for FREE and learn more about Oklahoma and be inspired to do great things! To donate, click here.