Giving Back to the People of Oklahoma

Mr. Bob Burke is an Oklahoma Legend. As a career lawyer, an active Oklahoma Hall of Fame Board Member, and Class of 2006 Member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Bob Burke has authored more non-fiction books than anyone else in history. His commitment to history and telling the stories of the great Oklahomans that have contributed so much to our state is an enduring legacy and a tremendous resource for all generations.

Why do I give? Donating my time to write books about the incredible history of Oklahoma allows me to give back to the State that has given me so much. The story of Oklahoma is not about places and unique events such as the Trail of Tears or the land runs. Our history is about our people. I am honored to chronicle the stories of men and women who frequently risked everything to carve out a new home in a new land. My donation does much more for me than it does for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and it’s publishing arm, it literally has fulfilled my calling as a story teller.

Storytime with Bob Burke - Dust Storm