The Oklahoma Hall of Fame is leading the way, creating an intergenerational experience for our very youngest learners in the community. My name is Carri Hicks and I am honored to be named a Gaylord-McCasland Fellow for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. This experience stretched me to use my background expertise in Early Childhood, to rethink the museum experience for our young learners.

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame provides field trips at no cost to all interested Oklahoma schools. This approach honors the commitment of commemorating our state’s rich tradition by telling Oklahoma’s story through its people. I am so grateful that every student has this opportunity. This summer we spent time listening and learning, watching and observing how young learners experience the museum on their field trips.

We drafted a series of training modules for museum staff and made some adjustments that you are sure to notice when you visit the museum. This early childhood friendly approach to the museum helps us create more opportunities in the community. We aligned our activities to the Social Studies academic standards to show the depth and rigor of what our unique museum offers. The museum is adopting a very hands-on approach to learning. This form of teaching truly drives meaningful long-term understanding. We want to create an environment and experiences that get children so excited they bring their parents back, just so they can experience it for themselves.

We know that if our young learners have a place to dream about their futures, and be inspired by the work of others, they will have greater success. Afterall, we know there are sure to be some future Oklahoma Hall of Famers in our very midst. #futurefamers

If you are interested in the Gaylord-McCasland Teacher Fellowship position at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, click here. To learn more about Carri's experience and process, check out the video below.