Dancing Feet, Smiling Faces!

Today was a great day for dancing! I loved watching you dance while wearing the dance mask you made with Patrick Riley. You have some awesome moves and so does Prairie Dance Co.! Wasn’t it cool to see them move and jump and shake in a dance that was about getting a tarantula off? What a perfect dance for the spooky fall.

All of the masks turned out so good! I saw you wearing it to dance, watch Happy Feet in the theater and play basketball in the courtyard. The weather was perfect for running through the corn maze and jumping rope. We were so lucky to have great helpers here thanks to Whitney Rainbolt and Standley Systems.

Thanks for spending your Fall Break with us! Are you coming back tomorrow for the Fall Festival? I hope so! We’re going to have a great day with the Little Dixie Chuckwagon and pumpkin painting!

Check out the Dance Day Excitement Below!