Celebrating SPRING THING!

THANK YOU for a great ten days of Free Family Fun! During Spring Thing each day had its own theme so we really got to invest in those day by day. One day we were wearing cowboy boots and petting horses and the next we were playing with puppies in the Courtyard! Every visitor had the opportunity to dress up and really embrace those themes with us, which always enhances the experiences. Having different themes everyday also created a new experience each time for our return visitors. One of my favorite parts about these programs that run for several days straight is that we really get an opportunity to get to know our visitors, and encourage them to join us for our other programs in the future!

Overall, this program went so well! We had a chance to interact with so many new visitors and reconnect with a lot of our return guests. We always enjoy getting to spend days with our visitors, but being able to influence young kids to enjoy learning and exploring is my favorite part. Days like Hoops Day where kids are having a great time meeting Rumble, but also being encouraged to read and engage is always great to see. Dance Day sparked a new interest for kids, and Wacky Weather Day encouraged them to understand our crazy weather in Oklahoma. This program provides us with such an enjoyable way to interact with and encourage our visitors. We hope everyone can join us for Summer Thursdays and Fall Y’all later this year!

Mattie on Dance Day: If I had to pick a favorite day it would have to be Dance Day. The OKC Ballet dancers were so sweet with the kids who all had so many questions for them like what their favorite dance move is and if they liked dinosaurs! I included my favorite picture from that day, so great to see girls AND boys equally interested in ballet, the boys might have actually had more questions than the girls.

Lauren on Cowboy Day: Cowboy day was fun and enjoyable for all ages. Everyone was exicited to meet real cowboys and I loved seeing all the different outfits.

Whittney on Hoops Day: Hoops day was great because there were so many kids that got to enjoy a story and craft, but they also received a book from the Rolling Thunder Book Bus! Seeing kids get so excited about learning and reading is great.

Emma: Spring Thing quickly became one of my favorite programs! Every day we got the opportunity to work with so many children and families. We loved being able to interact with guests and provide a fun experience for their Spring Break!


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