Celebrating our State with Style!

Though it was raining outside, weather couldn’t dampen the Oklahoma spirit inside the Gaylord-Pickens Museum. Thanks so much for coming out and celebrating Oklahoma with us today!

I had a great time reading the book O is for Oklahoma with you, and learning more about our great state! However, my favorite part was listening to Wood Willow play and sing Woody Guthrie and other folk songs. It game me goose bumps when we all sang and clapped to “This Land is Your Land.”

Next, we went upstairs to create our own Oklahoma stamps with Lauren. There were so many creative artists in the room! Some kiddos colored pictures, and some drew their own. I even saw a stamp with an elephant on it and a stamp made into a paper airplane!

We also explored the Maker Space. Gabe designed a totally awesome track for cars out of the blocks and several people added their self-portraits to our walls. I love seeing new faces there! Finally, we gathered into the theater to sing along with Oklahoma.

This seems like a pretty perfect day. It may be raining outside, but it’s warm and homey inside the Museum, thanks to our neighbors and museum family. I can’t wait to see you next Summer Thursday!

All y'all scroll through the Oklahoma fun below!